QWIZ 2016- The Inter-School Teachers’ Quiz at National Hill View Public School, Rajarajeshwari Nagar.

It was a day of extreme excitement and joy as 27 teams from schools in and around Bangalore, took part in Qwiz 2016, the 13th edition of the Inter –School Teachers’ Quiz, a specially planned calendar event, organized by National Hill View Public School, Rajarajeshwari Nagar on 2nd September to celebrate ‘The Teacher’. The theme ‘Revival’ was brought out through a colourful rangoli, symbolising teacher as a selfless continuity, for she/ he moulds generations with that magical touch that empowers and enables , comforts and heals and leads the learner from oblivion to blissful learning, which in turn, manifests in the ideal human being ,calm and composed and spiritually evolved like the teacher. The participants were enthralled by the school courtyard in its special décor of revival. Every display board represented the theme in its true essence.

Mr. Lepaksha, Trustee Secretary, National Education Foundation was present to join in the celebration of the Teacher. Smt.Gayathri Keshavan,a revered Bharatanatyam teacher with over 50 years in this field as a continuous learner and trainer of the art form was honoured with salutations from the NHVPS family and all teachers attending Qwiz 2016. In keeping with the Guru Shishya Parampara, her own student , now a teacher at NHVPS welcomed her with flowers. Revival, it was, for the teacher had passed on knowledge and skill to the next generation and thus has brought glory and gratification to the Teacher herself which symbolizes Revival.

After the solemn moment, as the Quiz master, Mr. Giri ‘Pickbrain’ Balasubramaniam took on the stage, the crowd burst into a rapturous welcome. The preliminary round saw six teams qualifying to take part in the finals. A nutritious lunch which ‘revived’ everyone followed the exciting activities where teachers were seen in a reversal of roles. The excitement was palpable as Giri ‘Pickbrain’ came on stage and announced the six qualifying teams. After some exciting rounds of quiz , Sindhi High School ,Hebbal represented by Rachna Sharma and Girija Nagarajan emerged winners of Qwiz 2016 followed closely by Presidency School RT Nagar represented by Ms.Sunitha N Chhibber and Ms. Ishwariya P in the second position and in the third place was JSS Public School represented by Ms.Lakshmi Prabha and Mr. Chandrappa C.. All the teachers who attended the programme carried a memento made specially for them by the teachers of NHVPS.