Teachers’ Day Out at National Hill View Public School, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore.

National Hill View Public school, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore, wore an air of festivity on the morning of 1st September 2017 as 81 teams from 38 schools from in and around Bangalore participated in QWIZ 2017, the fourteenth edition of the inter-school teachers’ quiz, a meticulously planned and well-organized calendar event conceptualized by the principal, Mrs. Rama Ranganathan, to celebrate ‘The Teacher’.

The theme in the school this year is ‘EMPOWERMENT’ and so‘Teacher- The Seed of Empowerment’ for QWIZ 2017.The teachers of the school presented a graceful classical dance choreographed to convey the empowering nature of the teacher.The theme was also depicted in the form of a breath taking rangoli, in which the bamboo shoots represent the teacher who reaches out far and within to empower the learner in whom she sows thoughts that spread like ripples across generations.

The visiting teachers were enthralled byevery display board that represented the theme of ‘empowerment’ in various fields- education, governance, social and cultural.

Mr.Venkatappa, Additional Trustee Secretary, Mr. Lepaksha, Trustee Secretary and Ms. AishwaryaShivakumar, Trustee, National Education Foundation were present to join in the celebration of ‘The Teacher’. The principal Mrs. Rama Ranganathan, enthralled the audience with a recitation of poems that she had composed especially for the occasion highlighting the teacher being the seed of empowerment. “If you desire, you will automatically dream and if you want those dreams to come true, you will need a team.”, were the empowering words that she shared with the teachers.

On the occasion of ‘QWIZ’ every year, one teacher who has made invaluable contribution in the field of school education is honoured by NHVPS family.Mr. S Ayyappan Nair, a national awardee and Academic Director at BGS National Public School with over 50 years of experience was the chief guest. He was honoured by Mr.Venkatappa, amidst reverent salutations from all teachers present. He applauded the school for organising ‘Qwiz’, a noble, enjoyable and uplifting occasion… a true celebration of the teacher!His special message to every teacher was ‘ love your children,love your subject and love your profession’. The school courtyard was empowered by all teachers taking a professional oath led by him.

Mr Giri ‘Pickbrain’ Balasubramaniam took on the stage as the audience erupted into rapturous welcome. In keeping with the theme, the conduct of the preliminary round was entrusted to Ms.Rashmi Furtado, a budding quizmaster in Giri’s team, that saw six teams qualifying for the finals.

Teachers were encouraged to participate in a number of brain teasing activities , put together by the host teachers which was like an aperitif to the delicious lunch that followed.

The excitement was palpable as Giri ‘Pickbrain’ came on stage to announce the six qualifying teams for the final rounds. After many gruelling and challenging rounds, BGS National Public School, Bannerghatta, represented by NaliniUjre and Lakshmi Ananthakrishnan emerged winners closely followed by Brigade School, Malleshwaram represented by Anita and SushmaRao. Sindhi High School ,the second runners up was represented by GirijaNagarajan and Gita Murthy.

As per tradition, every participating teacher carried with him/hermemorabilia made especially for them by the host teachers, in accordance with the theme – a tiny medicinal potted plant in a beautiful macramé pot-holder. The environment was echoing with excitement, laughter and eager queries about the date of ‘Qwiz’ next year.That was truly a ‘Teachers’ Day Out!’